For those visiting from the Cinema Snob and TGWTG…

For all the people visiting from the Cinema Snob and TGWTG, I would like to welcome you to the GB:CD website! Thank you for taking interest in the Ecto-Cooler recipe featured in the Brad Tries… series of videos brought to you by Brad Jones of The Cinema Snob fame. He was extremely nice to us considering we’re a bunch of nutjobs in flightsuits making weird stuff in our Bio-Chem-Ecto laboratory. For all we know, we might have added real ectoplasm to the batch. Oh well, if his eyes glow red, we know what to do.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy your Ecto-Cooler!

Feel free to browse the site after visiting the Ecto Cooler Recipe page. There’s information on this Chicago based team in the two Shifts sections, videos to watch in our video section, check out our stories in the Caselog section, or even get to know us through our various contact means on the Contact Us section.

Also, if you live in the Chicago area and would like to invite us to one of your shindigs; weather it be a party, charity drive/fundraiser, or movies in which you would like to feature us, send us an email and Dr. LaVoy will get back to you in short manner.

Dan Shannon,
Founder/Head Engineer
Ghostbusters: Chicago Division